How To Set Up SoftEther VPN On Windows

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up SoftEther on Windows but first let’s see what are our requirements and recommendations.


In order to set up the SoftEther you will need:

    server add:
    shared key: vpn
    password: vip@2018
    location : Singapore

If you still want to set up SoftEther VPN manually, go step-by-step through following instructions:

SoftEther Setup Instructions

SoftEther VPN on Windows works with a the SoftEther app.

Download SoftEther VPN client for Windows.

  • Start Installation.
  • Click “Next” (1).



  •  Choose “SoftEther VPN Client” (2) and click “Next” (3).



  • To continue, install SoftEther VPN on Windows check “I agree to the end user License Agreement” (4) box and click “Next” (5).



  • On the “Important notice” screen click “Next” (6).



  • Choose the directory to install the software (7) and click “Next” (8).



  • Click “Next” (9). The Installation process will start.



  • After the installation process is finished make sure the box is “check” (10) and click “Finish” (11).


  • At the upper left of the application. click “Connect” (12) then click “import vpn.” (13)


  • Find your downloaded VPN configuration then click (14) and open it (15).


  • “Right click” on the VPN, then click “connect” (16).

  • Input the user id and password (17) then click connect. (18)

password: vip@2018


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